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Our group retreats feature 3 highly acclaimed models and is set over five to seven  days hosted on location. We also offer workshops and private photography trips throughout the year.


  • Accommodation 

  • Model Fees    

  • Meals and snacks 

  • Travel to and from our shoot locations

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport or ferry

  Maximum of five spaces for group retreats.


Private trips are customized to the photographer.

  • Amount of days

  • How many models

  • How many tourist activities

  • Location

  • Style of accomadation

*Airfare/Ferry not included. 

Private and Group Trips available worldwide.

All Inclusive upon Arrival 

Marie, Dahliah, Dane, and Raven-3_edited.jpg

Locations Hawaii

The Purpose

As a Freelance model you are responsible for your own representation and expenses. 

    The nature of the business means a lot of amateur models shoot for TFP (Trade for Print). They shoot to get images for their portfolios which is their tool for marketing. They must learn poses, provide different looks with outfits and identify their primary market potential.

    For a professional career model, the high turnover of new models in the TFP market creates competition that can be difficult to overcome.


    Some photographers shoot nothing but TFP models. And some take advantage of the enthusiastic ambition of new models, which can put the model in an unsafe environment. The community is competitive, and networking can be difficult. Advice is scarce, and the horror stories are easy to find from young models who get taken advantage of. We want to help change that by mentoring new models, paying our models fairly, being open to ALL body shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds and educating  those around us.

Marie Brooks

    Marie Brooks is a successful freelance Fine Art nude model in the Arts Community and founder of MB Photography Retreats. This is a part of a thriving art scene, yet very little information exists for the public. It is unregulated and misunderstood. As a professional model she has been self-employed full-time for 6 years. In the years previous, Marie worked part-time in Art Schools and for photographers and friends looking to increase their photography skills.


   When she gained enough support she pursued a full-time career. Her tours take her across the country and are organized, scheduled and funded purely by Marie.

    Like any sole proprietor, her rates must cover taxes, flights, accommodation, wardrobe, living expenses and provide an income. Marie is passionate  about freedom of expression.  Art is her voice and preferred language. By highlighting the problems that exist and bring awareness to issues, we believe that we can make a change and a positive impact in the industry. 

The Retreat

      The Vision is to have a permanent location for a retreat/wellness center.  Everyone needs an outlet and a place to be free to express themselves. A lot of people struggle with body image, PTSD, anxiety ect, we want to help people find their inner talents, beauty and balance. The plan is to create a safe and inspiring environment for models, photographers and artists to create, network and support each other respectfully.

 Funding is a crucial step.   Thus, MB Photography Retreat was born.


    The photography retreat is a unique business model and offers meals, lodging, model fees, transportation and the opportunity to shoot in different locations around the world. The photographers are provided the environment they need to create their works of art and then relax in the lodge eating chef-prepared local fare. The profit created goes toward building this business, creating awareness, offering workshops and other events that help support the thriving arts community, models and anyone seeking balance and community.

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