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Kyle Nishioka


  I highly recommend Marie's photo retreat for anyone seeking an
exceptional photography experience. Having attended this event twice
now, I can confidently say that Marie's expertise and attention to
detail lays the groundwork for a perfect shoot.  She always kept an eye
on the weather radar and gave us options when rain was forecast during
our shoot.  What impressed me the most is the diverse range of locations
that she has gathered.  The nature locations we visited on this year's
tour were entirely different from my first trip and I'm sure there are
other breathtaking locations waiting to be discovered.

For those interested in art nude photography, Marie's Retreat is
uniquely worthy of your consideration.  She has mastered the difficult
task of finding locations that are both visually appealing and
accessible to even casual photographers.  The models and staff she lined
up for the retreat were amazingly talented, delightfully accommodating
and impeccably professional.  Additionally, she was very accommodating
to include my personal concepts for a shoot into the schedule of the
overall group.

I'm already looking forward to attending the next retreat. Thank you,
Marie, for all of your hard work in bringing this incredible event to life


Zoe West


  I've been a traveling model for over 15 years and MB Photography Retreats is one of the top events I've participated in. Marie took special care of the needs of models and photographers. There was ample time to shoot at many stunning and unique locations and there are lots of great images to prove it!

Kevin F


  What an adventure! There is no better place to shoot such beautiful models than Hawaii. Marie was a phenomenal host and model with high energy and excellent time management skills. The planning and execution were organized, fluid, and on time. The food provided was healthy, plenty and interesting; thank you, Dane and Brent! The group consisted of five photographers (including myself), three primary models, and two chefs. Travelling to such beautiful, well-thought-out surroundings was an excellent opportunity to converse with others on the trip and get to know them. The models were well-vetted, talented, creative, ambitious, energetic, and beautiful, to say the least. They were always ready to go, very professional, and eager to model. The accommodations were quaint and very comfortable, equipped with good wifi. Listening to the birds, the frogs, and the rain was immensely enjoyable. Would I do it again? Absolutely! 


Mimi Litvak


Marie…. Many thanks for showing off the Big Island in Hawaii, I still cannot believe that there is green sand, by the way!!, you and your models did a great job, never a long face or a hint that any of you were tired!, and how you managed to surprise us (photographers) every day, still makes me shiver… you took us to wonderful places, (beaches, waterfalls, volcanic landscape, pool), and we always had a different model invited as well… wow!
You nailed it!!! Loved the trip, and the pics I took there…. Waiting for the next opportunity.

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